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Looking for Tax Strategist in PA (Philly/West Chester)
Looking for recommendation for CPA / Tax strategist for this and next year. Anyone has recommendation? I am in PA (West Chester area)Here are my situations: 1. I worked in PA but lived 2 states (PA, GA) in 2020 2.I... View more
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Real Estate Meetup Interest?
I've recently relocated to Orange County, NY and notice there are no meetups in the area (outside of NYC). I have been thinking of starting or co-starting one but don't know if there will be any interest. I currently... View more
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Need some help with corporate rental lease
HI All, this is an open question to the BP community as I have never dealt with corporate rentals but got an interested company recently. I have a multi-family in Westchester NY and I currently live in one of the... View more
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In-law Suite - Westchester NY
Does anyone know how Westchester County defines an in-law suite?  Is this a legal description or just a marketing term?  What separates this from a "regular" unit?  There is surprisingly little detail on the internet... View more
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Lenders in the area for non-conforming loans
Hi Everyone! A good friend of mine is looking to purchase a home in Westchester County after living in the city. They are having trouble getting a traditional mortgage (this will be their primary residence) because of... View more
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House Hacking in Westchester
Hi Everyone! Me and my partner are looking to start our real estate journey with a house hack in Westchester County, NY. We are trying to spend under 500k and are looking for a multi-family, either a duplex or triplex.... View more
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Hello newbie here with tons of construction exp.
Hi everyone! - my name is Dustin and I am a construction project manager with 12 years of building experience. I am just getting into real estate. After listening to the BP podcasts and reading through these forums, I... View more
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Building Your REI Team
Hey guys! I am looking to begin my journey in REI in the Yonkers, NY area. I've been lurking in the forums for a while now absorbing and soaking up as much as I can. I am looking to get into Buy and Hold MFR using... View more
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New to Westchester/BP -- Looking to House Hack
Hello BP! Pretty excited to start the real estate investment journey. Just a quick blurb about myself. I work as an IT Architect by day, but am looking to make real estate investing my side hustle. As a newbie, looking... View more
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Buyer's Agent Sleepy Hollow
Hi all - Anyone have  a recommendation for an investor friendly agent working in the Sleepy Hollow / Tarrytown / Pocantico Hills are?  Thinking about buying a fourplex in that area to house hack and could use some... View more
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Multi-family showdown: Yonkers vs. Stamford - Need some advice
Hey all, so I sold one of my buildings and I am looking to buy another one either in Stamford, CT or Yonkers, NY.  The thing is I'd like to keep one of the units for myself, but I do not know much about Yonkers, and... View more
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Real Estate Photograph
Hello all!I'm a new investor and a freelance photographer based out of Dutchess County, NY. I'm looking to pick up some more work as a real estate photographer (paid opportunities or in exchange for learning... View more
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Buying a house that has a reverse mortgage
Hi BP,I'm looking at this single family house that needs some work.  The owner is 94 years old and is now living with her niece, who is the one selling the house.The niece is telling me that there is a reverse mortgage... View more
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New Investor starting out.
Hello all! My name is Jared. I am new to investing and new to Bigger Pockets. I've perused the site the last few months and felt that it was time to take action and engage. I currently own a coop (rental) and recently... View more
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Real Estate Attorney in Westchester, NY Recommendations
Hi everyone!I've been lurking on this forum for the last few months. I've recently had an offer accepted for a duplex in Westchester, NY and will be my first property purchase.As of now, I am looking for a real estate... View more
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First Deal Closed in Westchester
Just closed my first deal! Four-family house in Westchester, cash flowing around $1500/month. Thank you BP community for the continued motivation.
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Local Lenders/Banks for First Purchase
Hello fellow Westchester Investors. I am starting out to 'officially' attaining my first investment property. I am looking for local lenders and banks to form a relationship with on a face to face basis. Any... View more
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Illegal 3 Family Unit Advice
Hey all, I recently had a showing of a legal 2 family house, soon learning that the basement unit was rented out illegally. My question is, what incentive did the previous owner have in not making it a legal 3 family... View more
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Property Management in Yonkers
Hello, all,I recently purchased a 4-unit property in Yonkers (3 residential and 1 store). I've been self-managing since I purchased, but would like to find a reputable and recommended property management company to... View more
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Looking for an amazing GC in Westchester County NY
Good evening friends, anyone knows of a great GC in the Westchester County NY area? the project would be in let me know, thanks in advance for your recommendations.Thanks, J.S
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Looking for an amazing GC in Westchester County NY
Good evening friends, anyone knows of a great GC in the Westchester County NY area? the project would be in let me know, thanks in advance for your recommendations.Thanks, J.S
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Looking for an attorney familiar with assignments
Hey guys I’m new to the area and I’m just wondering whose the best attorney to use for wholesaling in westchester county? 
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Move to Westchester County, NY
Good afternoon,I am an engineer considering a move to Westchester County from Dallas, TX, and I would like to house hack my way in New York. I am unfamiliar with the real estate market in the area, so I am looking... View more
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Westchester, NY Realtors
I am looking at two properties in Westchester, but I do not have a reliable realtor.  The last one from Coldwell Banker was horrid.  Any recs?
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Short Sale Professional in Westchester County
Hello all!I am looking at a potential investment that is for sale as a short-sale. I don't have any prior experience on this topic and am looking for an agent in Westchester County for some advice. Apreicate you... View more
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