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House Hacking taxes code and Depreciation Calculation
Hello BP - Has anyone done depreciation tax credits when House hacking? From what I have gathered on several financial advice websites, in order to calculate depreciation for an owner occupied rental/duplex you follow... View more
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Tips on house hacking
Any useful tips for a first time investor looking to house hack his first property ??
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Private Lending vs Rental Property vs ?
Hi, Just wondering if somebody has $500K cash, what are best investment ideas. 1. Private lending assuming return of 12%. 2. buy some rental property : 15 years Loan with 20% down payment, I can buy 3 two family homes... View more
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Anyone know a good handyman in Kansas City
My handyman hurt his knee and is out for surgery. Anyone know a good handyman in the Kansas City (northland ) area?
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Rental property help
Hi everyone!I’m in Southern California I’m trying to buy re gal properties I’m looking for help or tips on what to do or look for when buying properties to be possible rentals I have 600K in pre approval but when... View more
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Areas to invest in Houston
Looking for single family BRRR leads in the Houston area. Any ideas of potential markets?Willing to connect - looking to expand network.
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Water flow usage meter and automatic shutoff
Hi,One of my properties had a hefty water bill due to inconsiderate tenants using more water than needed and I would like to install a water flow meter that has a cap per day (landlord pays for water/sewage).... View more
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Length of time between direct mail letters ?
I have started a “driving for dollars” strategy. I built a spreadsheet to keep track of everything including when I mailed out my first round of letters. How long do I wait to send out a second letter? Thanks in advance.
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Accessory Dwelling Unit DIY
Hello, new friends! I am an owner-builder, working with my father on an ADU in SF Bay Area. The only parts we hired contract labor for were foundation and electrical, rest is DIY. We're moving on to the inside work,... View more
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vinyl plank flooring is separating
I've installed vinyl plank flooring in a rental, I really like it but it keeps separating (I helped install this with someone who has installed alot of flooring previously but never the vinyl plank type, so maybe we... View more
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Pulling a Permit mid project
I am adding a bathroom and laundry room back to back and made the mistake of being influenced into not pulling a permit. I have only framed the walls, run pex and waste water piping(pier and beam) and now having cold... View more
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Renovation question - fence staining
Hello group! Random question here..Has anyone used a basic hand pump sprayer (non-motorized unit) to stain a wood fence?  I am doing this as a side job, and it would save considerable time.  Otherwise, I am looking at... View more
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HELP - Bathtub Replace or Repair?
I've got a 3/2 rental about 20 years old, where each bathtub has a crack (see above) on the base of the tub. Questions for those who have gone through this:1 - Is this deep enough where I have to worry about potential... View more
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Bathtub replacement or improvement
I have a working condition tub that seems to be peeling (view photo) I want to avoid replacing it because it seems to be stucked to the wall so the removing part will be very hard and I was wondering if anyone had... View more
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Choosing a bathtub material
I'm hoping to hear from others on what has been successful or a nightmare for long term use. I have class B properties and need to replace some alcove tubs. My research so far has been mixed. Steel with porcelain seems... View more
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Busted water meter and pin hole in main water pipe
Pipes froze up and when thawed out it busted water meter and main water shut off pipe has a pin hole.  We just shut the water off all together. My question is though if it is going to get down to 30 or below again... View more
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I have consistently found eBay/Froogle as good source from small sized supplies. This varies from drip pans, CO and smoke alarms. For large appliances such as Range, Habitat for Humanity is an excellent resource. Home... View more
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Looking for Reliable Drywall and Plumbing in Denver
Hello BP members, I am looking for a great, reliable person in Denver, Colorado to install drywall in a bathroom we are remodeling, we also need some plumbing work done. We're doing the following:  Bathroom: drywall,... View more
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Accounting software for Rentals
I have a bookkeeper using QuickBooks for me for our 7 single family homes.  I find it difficult to understand and hard to track true cash flow numbers.  Does anyone have any recommendations? Does your bookkeeper easily... View more
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Measuring Angled Kitchen Countertop
Hello to all reno professionals! I am currently renovating my live in house hack. The cabinets have been bought and I will be installing them. The kitchen countertops however, I am unsure what is the best action to... View more
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Fix'n Flips - When to pull permits?
I'm trying to wrap my head around this process. I've found some points (quick Google) that show the requirements for permits, however I'm unclear as to WHEN.Before any demolition? after? Any requirements after contract... View more
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Tub Surround with Window
I seam to always have rentals with windows over the tub, and am conflicted every time I go to remodel because I can never find a tub surround that looks decent and I hate cleaning grout. All I have found in the past is... View more
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hold harmless agreement
I'm looking at a fixer upper with potential but seems like there's foundation problems, is there anyway I can search up the home and see if there's anything wrong with it? Or do I just hire a contractor to check it out?
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Mobile homes....rehabbing and selling...any ideas?
We recently moved to South Carolina and started looking at houses at 40k and we could just purchase without a loan.....then we realized the amount of mobile homes in this area and wondered if that market... View more
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Help with Preventative Maintenance Checklist
I currently self-manage my 7 rentals and want to keep this portfolio growing, while still self-managing. The key? Minimize annoying service calls and long term repair costs! Please help me add to this DIY preventative... View more
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