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Sellers financing deal strcture
How do I approach a seller with good sellers financing approach on 20 acre ranch? Has anyone done in a deal like that? 100k down 5% interest for 5 years and then refi?? I know the owner well so I just don’t want to... View more
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Can you recommend for RE agent and Property Mgmt co. in Merced ?
Can you recommend for RE agent and Property Mgmt co. in Merced ?
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Looking for Inspector - Merced, CA
Greetings BP! I'm looking for an inspector in the Merced County area.  Any recommendations are greatly appreciated.
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Cash flowing properties in Stanislaus/Merced/San Joaquin County?
Hello,My name is Kevin and I just joined BP last week. Excited to be here! My wife and I live and Turlock and looking to start our REI. We have a primary residence at this time only. Currently pre-approved for a loan ... View more
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I need cheap ac repair or replacement in Modesto CA. Suggestions?
I need a cheap but honest AC repair or replacement in Modesto for a fix and flip condo. Repair preferred. I already paid $1000 to one guy who left with the ac running cold but one week later it no longer made the place... View more
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Good Electricians in Modesto or Manteca CA?
Hello Fellow BP posters!  Does anyone know a good electrician in the Modesto area? I own a rental single family home  there which is in need of some electrical work and I need a second opinion/estimate.  An experienced... View more
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Looking for agent recommendation
Investor looking to buy investment properties in modesto. I am seeking agent recommendation. thanks
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Merced County - Advice on 40ac land - Los Banos San Luis Pacheco
Hi BP,I'm hoping to connect with realtors, development planners, solar farm experts, land developers, or just about anyone in the Merced County area. Maybe the SF San Francisco Bay Area folks can chime in.The seller... View more
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What to do with an empty lot?
Hi!I purchased a house in Merced and turns out an empty lot right next to it is also mine! I rented the house, what would you suggest I do with the empty lot to maximize profit? 
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Is it worth $500 college area neighborhood.
Hi, I recently bought a property in the “college area”  sycamore and Roseburg area. I’m wondering if I did the right thing. Is a 2000sqft house in this neighborhood worth a $500k after rehab?Thanks.
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Investing in multi family property in Modesto,CA
Any thoughts on the multi family investment prospects in Modesto for a period of 2 to 3 years?I am looking at a 16 unit apartment complex generating rents around $250k/year.Could this property be sold at 7.5% cap rate... View more
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County Auctions in Modesto and Merced
Hi BP Modesto/Merced community...Can someone tell me if Modesto has REGULAR auction sales on the courthouse steps?   I went to the tax assessor's website and it shows a sale back in November but nothing about weekly or... View more
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How to utilize vacant CA mountain parcel
Any suggestions on how to approach Tuolumne County for innovative ways to utilize vacant mountain property? It's close to Dodge Ridge ski area. It has an amazing view with trees cleared. Road access with utilities. Any... View more
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worth building duplex on empty lot in modesto?
hi thereWe are looking at an empty lot in modesto. it is currently R-2 zoned and it is about 28,000 sq ft. Last time I checked with the city, they said we can only build a duplex on it cos the site has no public... View more
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Monterey Single Family homes - Fort Ord
HelloHas anyone heard any developments or new homes that will come onto the market soon in the Fort Ord redevelopment?  Or when they will be on the market? Karen
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Looking for a Merced handyman!
Hi everyone,If anyone can refer a handyman in the Merced area for fence repair and door screen repair that would be much appreciated. In fact, any recommendations for a Merced handyman are appreciated as I've had... View more
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