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Any REIA meetings in the Quad City Area?
Just looking to connect and networks with other landlords and investors in the Quad City Area
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Building a Team in the Quad City Area
Hi Everyone, I wanted to reach out to folks in the Quad City area and introduce myself. My name is Craig Herrmann and I am interested in investing in the area with a focus on multi-family rental properties. I am an... View more
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Quad Cities: Looking for a Wood Deck/Stairs Contractor
Anybody have any recommendations on a contractor/handyman that can replace numerous patios/exit stairs on multi family building?
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Property Manager in Rock Island
Hi, I am new to the real estate market in Rock Island, IL. I bought a single family home in Rock Island, IL and I am currently looking for a good property manager to manage the property for me. Can someone please... View more
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Property Inspector Bettendorf, IA
Hey Everyone!I am looking for recommendations for a property inspector in the Bettendorf/Davenport area. Any and all recommendations welcome! Thanks!
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Title Company/ Real Estate Lawyer
Hey Everyone!I am currently looking for a title company in the Bettendorf/Davenport area and was wondering if you guys had any recommendations? Talked to Vollertsen, Britt & Gorsline, P.C. today and they do title... View more
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Looking for local contractors
Looking for recommendations for a few local contractors. Currently looking for a plumber, electrician, window replacement (only 6 windows) and possibly someone to do some plaster repair work. If you have someone in the... View more
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Lender for rental SFM
Looking to get some interest rate estimates on an under 100k$ SFH rental in Rock Island- anyone have any favorite lenders that they'd suggest? Prefer conventional 30yr fixed with 20% down.Thank you,Ryan
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Quad Cities Investment Education Workshop
Has anyone attended or have any information regarding the Quad Cities Education workshop?  The only information I can find is on facebook, and that is sketchy at best.  I am trying to get involved in real estate... View more
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Local banks in the Quad Cities
Which small local bank have you had the most success when it comes to REI in the Quad Cities? Looking for a local bank that can give an answer for a loan in less than a month, the way it seems larger national banks... View more
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Quad City Investment Meet Up (Davenport, Bettendorf, Moline)
Hi All!Its time again to get together. We will be meeting at BlueCat Brew Pub at 6:30 pm. Here's the rundown.6:30 pm - Networking (get a drink and a name tag)7:00 pm - Partnership Opportunity Presentations (bring one... View more
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New Quad Cities Forum
@Meghan McCallum , your wish is granted.
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