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AirDNA Reliability in Western NC
Hello Western NC! I am looking to purchase a short-term rental cabin in the Smokies. In your experience, how reliable are the AirDNA numbers in this region?  Thanks - Jesse
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Recommendations In The Boone area of North Carolina
I'm looking at purchasing a rental property in the Boone, NC area. I would love some feedback on overhead expenses I should be aware of in the Boone, North Carolina area. With the heavy winter months, electric, gas,... View more
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Anyone familiar with the Millers Creek, NC area?
I'm looking for someone in the North Western portion of North Carolina who is familiar with the Millers Creek / Glendale Springs area (Wilkes County). I've been in contact with the owner of a 33 acre parcel of vacant... View more
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Investor Friendly Title Companies?
Hey guys, new to the forums and real estate in general. I reside in Hickory, NC and I wanted to know if anyone could point me in the right direction in regards to title companines/closing attorneys that handles... View more
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best small bank in W-S area to open up an account?
Any suggestions on the best small bank in W-S area to open up a business account for RE?
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Anyone growing ginseng? I have a secure site, long term view
I have a dedicated acreage (part of a 'change of use' to new 'best and highest' value model) in a dedicated site, barb wire secured, that might be suitable for wild simulated ginseng production. I just have one... View more
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Connecting with others in the area
Hello!I am excited that we got a sub-forum formed for the Western half of the state!I would love to connect with others of you from these areas!
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