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Fredericton NB rental investing
What's up BP! I'm currently an Ontario resident looking to move to Fredericton and have my eyes on a particular property to house hack. Upper floor has 3 bedrooms and a bath and lower has a separate entrance with... View more
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Need your input on this pre-construction in Kitchener ,Onatrio
I have a condo town house pre-construction and to be completed in late 2022, the price is 400K , based on 2000 rent and 25000 closing fees  the cache flow will be -143 per month , now I know it is in negative , but my... View more
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Red Deer Alberta investment
hey guys My name is Josh, I am new to Real estate investing, I live in Red Deer AB, I  own my own house and I run my earned income through a corporation. I am looking  to network and discuss different options on... View more
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Woodstock, New Brunswick
I have a client who is interested to invest in Woodstock, NB.What can you tell me about the market there?Do you know a Realtor that I can refer this client to?Thanks!
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Ontario Markets - First Time Investor
Hello BP Canada,I'm hoping to get some feedback on the community's feelings towards the Ontario market right now and some advice for a prospective first-time investor. I've been researching real estate for about a year... View more
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Tenant wants to re-paint basement to meet clients (Ontario)
Hi there. A tenant wants to re-paint the basement of the townhouse to the same neutral color, and use it as an office (I am assuming to meet clients). Is this allowed? Any recommendation for me as the... View more
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Anyone tried using the Landlord Credit Bureau?
I'm considering signing up for a membership with the Landlord Credit Bureau to set up a new system for tenant screening and credit reporting their rent payments.  Anyone else a member?  They say on their site that they... View more
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*MULTI-FAMILY* Investors - Come Mastermind!
Hello everyone,I am new to BP and am excited to meet and network with you!Purpose?: The idea of this discussion board is to gather as many like-minded investors as possible regarding the Multi-family Market in... View more
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Looking for a Real Estate agent in Sudbury
Hi everyone, I'm looking for a recommendation for a real estate agent in Sudbury, ON, specializing in Multi-family properties? 
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Anyone from the greater Montreal area?
Hi I’m new on here, is there anyone from Montreal/LAVAL Quebec Canada area on here?
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Advice on breaking mortgage fee with RBC
I am looking for a bit of advice regarding selling a property and the breakage fees associated.We are looking to sell one of our properties that has a mortgage with RBC and we recently called to see what the cost is... View more
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Mortgage financing in Canada
Hey everybody, Canadian mortgage Associate and real estate investor here!As a mortgage professional, I am always looking to hear from real estate investors about their wins and losses with financing their rental... View more
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Water Heater - Buy VS Rent ?
Hi BP,I need to replace 3 water heaters in my building and considering wether I should rent or buy new ones. On one side, I could buy and instal new ones ; in terms of cost it's gonna be a 1 time expense and if... View more
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Calgary Real Estate Investors
Hey!  I'm in Calgary looking to start investing in new residential development construction and I was wondering if there is anyone on here that does that who would be open to get a cup of coffee.
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Ask Me Anything - Investing in Toronto AMA!
Hi Folks!Biggerpockets has always been a great resource for me, so I wanted to give back a bit to the community.I understand that investing in Toronto makes me a bit unique amongst investors, so I wanted to open up the... View more
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3 Locations to Invest in Toronto Area
Hi BP Community,I'm looking for expertise from those who know the Toronto and surrounding markets. Specifically, I'm searching for distressed properties/sellers where we have an opportunity to force appreciation within... View more
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US opportunities in 2021?!
Hello Fellow Canadians 🇨🇦! Very nice to meet you all here! Hope everyone is doing well & Business is thriving 💪  I was just wondering if there are interests in people looking to expand their portfolios down into... View more
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Exploring different investment strategies
I'm looking to build out a real estate portfolio over the next couple of years so I'm exploring different investment strategies. Would love to get insights from folks that have been doing this for awhile.  Here are... View more
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Wholesale houses Baby Steps
Lot of times Business is compared to a Toddler that is starting on the very first steps. So putting aside the Toddler Path, we can say for sure that the most important step to Start something is to START! But... View more
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Advice for Wholesaling Real Estate in Ontario, Canada?
Hey all. For the past little while, I've been researching; reading, watching and listening to any information I can find on wholesaling. I research local markets, and I have spotted a few potential deals. I want to... View more
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Book recommendations for new Canadian investor?
I live in Toronto and I would like to acquire a property that will provide some cash flow.  Can anyone recommend good books or other resources to get started in the Canadian market ?  Thanks!
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Long term outlook for Quebec?
Hi all, just wondering if anyone would like to give their long term (10-15 years) for the province of Quebec? personally, i am bullish on property prices and rents for the following reasons. 1) it seems like Quebec has... View more
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Montreal House Hacking
Hello all I am going to look into getting started with rental property by house hacking in the st Jean area when I move there this Summer My ultimate goal will be to buy a triplex or fourplex and live as close to free... View more
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Househack on Saskatoon while renting on a small town - Good idea?
I am thinking of buying a property in Saskatoon and house hack it  while living on a small town and paying rent because this is where my job is, given the circumstances, it's tough to just leave and look for another... View more
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Why is wholesaling in the states supposedly so much easier?
Just curious as to why you hear wholesaling in the states is a lot easier then in Canada.
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