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WARNING: When reading the Ask About a Company threads, take note that in many cases, the companies in question will send their friends to shill on their behalf. These people are typically easy to pick out, as they... View more
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Experience with Modular Builds
I have been interviewing modular builders in southern California and across the country who serve southern California.  The account now is above 30 and I have some FrontRunners but wanted to ask the community of any of... View more
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Memphis Investment Properties
Has anyone here worked with Memphis Investment Properties before? If so, can you tell me about your experience with them? How are the property managers? Any issues?Thanks in advance!
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Experiences with JAX investments
I have recently been connected with JAX investments through a friend and have spoken with one of the founders. The overall market trends, cash flow, buy and hold strategy for single family homes seems good. I know 2... View more
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Seewing Yee & Robert Culberson Pioneer Homes
Has anybody out there had any dealings with Seewing Yee of Yee Real Estate Network? Also Robert Culberson of Pioneer Homes? Good, bad or otherwise?
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Property Manager - Warner Robins, GA
Does anyone have a good recommendation for a property manager around Warner Robins, GA?  I'm looking for a property manager, not one who works for a broker.Thanks.
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Anyone dealt with Scope Digital or Faizon Ahmed?
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Feedback on RentToRetirement and Zach Lemaster
We're just starting to look at out-of-state investment options, turnkey providers being one choice, and I am wondering if anyone has had any recent experience they'd like to share about Zach Lemaster and his company,... View more
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Has anyone done business with Amplify My Business
Has anyone done business with They appear to be a lead generation company that only gets paid when you close.
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Must a WY LLC have a WY office? Or just a WY Registered Agent?
I'm deeding my CA property into a CA LLC. The member/manager will be a WY LLC. I want to ensure that my corporate veils stay intact, and my LLCs are never perceived as "alter egos" by a judge. To be fully prepared for... View more
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Business Track Realty
Has anyone ever used It’s a website that has off market deals.
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Anyone invested with "Upside Avenue" before?
Hi, I recently heard about the company "Upside Avenue", a private, non-traded REIT.Has anyone invested with them before?Any feedback?Thank you, Anja
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LeadPropeller or Investor Carrot?
I am looking to invest in one of these 2 website companies to start my online marketing but I don't know which is better. What do you prefer between the 2?
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Real Estate Marketing Company - Feedback Wanted
Anyone have feedback on Scope Digital or Faizan Ahmed (digital marketing company)?
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Rent to Own with Right Path Housing in Colorado
Has anyone done a deal with Right Path Housing in Colorado?  I was offered a term sheet by them to do a lease purchase contract where they would guarantee the monthly payment and sale by the end of the term.  Just... View more
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The Right Path Home Is a Scam
Hey guys, I just got an offer from The Right Path Home for a sandwich lease. The offer looked great, but something seemed off. So I did some googling and as it turns out, its deffinitely connected to a company called... View more
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This is their scam: they find ANYTHING TO CHARGE YOU FOR! I got PIN 5. They charged me 300 for an upgrade to what I already had. Then they charged me $97 monthly but that was already waived in the purchase price.  I... View more
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Turnkey companies you recommend
Hi guys,Happy and Healthy 2021 to you all!!I’m a full time employee in an insurance company and I’m planing to start investing in real state this year. I also live in Miami where the properties are simply too... View more
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Turnkey - Your Thoughts and Experience
Happy New Years! :)We have been doing some reading about turnkey investments and are trying to learn more about the pros, cons, and general whole experience when buying and dealing with turnkeys. We'd love to connect... View more
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Anderson Business Advisors
I'm interested in talking to anyone that has hired Anderson Business Advisors for help with asset protection strategies.  This is the firm founded by author Clint Coons who wrote Asset Protection for Real Estate... View more
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Need good property management company in St. Louis!
Anyone knows a good property management company in St. Louis, MO? Thanks a lot!
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Voepel PM and Bridge Turnkey
Hi Guys,I am analyzing properties that are offered at Bridge. The trouble I am having is that the PM is not managed by Bridge but by Voepel. I've heard positive things about them but they are all rather vague. Has... View more
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Any one used Martel turnkey before?
I'm looking to start buying turnkey rentals in the next few months and I came across Martel turnkey. They seem legit, but I am hoping to get feedback from others who have purchased properties from them in the past.... View more
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Looking for realtor in Joshua Tree
Hi all, Can anyone here recommend a good realtor who can work with me in Joshua Tree? Im looking to invest in a SFR for rental/vacation property. Thanks!
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Ardmore Oklahoma property managers
Hey I'm looking for a good property manager in the ardmore Oklahoma Area. Please let me know any recommendations that you have. Thank you!
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