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When will Rents goes up?
With properties prices going up like this, when do you think rents will catch up? Do you think we are in an economic environment to have a raise in rents?as a background I have some properties in Houston, Texas. Over... View more
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Where to invest in Pinellas county florida or around?
We are new and are trying to house hacking but can't find anything that make sense in a decent neighborhood. Where should we invest in Pinellas county or around? is Oldsmar or St Petersburg a good market? Thanks!
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Florida Gulf Coast REI
I, as it would appear like many others am considering moving to Florida. My family and I currently reside in Central PA. Both my wife and I have grown up in PA and we enjoy it’s simplicity (and also its cash flow... View more
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Any insight on rental in price in Cleveland
What’s the best source to get rental rate for Shaker or Euclid area in Cleveland?
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Should I invest in Pottsville P.A. ?
Was thinking of investing in Pottsville P.A. and would like to get some insight into the market in that town . I currently have rentals in Lehigh Valley and wanted to open up my farm area . Any info would be... View more
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Investing in SFR away from home state
How can I get started investing in SFR away from my home state?
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Selling house at a loss - what next?
Hi BP,I own a property in SF Bay Area and and selling the property at a loss. The rental market has been hurt as you know. And the/my timelines and horizon for return have changed for obvious reasons. That all said...I... View more
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Lenders Left Holding The Bag
With gov programs being extended for tenants and lenders still expecting payments, it does not seem like being a landlord in the USA is a good decision right now.Change my mind.
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Eviction bans could be the destruction of the real estate bubble
I am finding that the longer the eviction ban in California is postponed, the more we are willing to sell our rental property and invest out of state. Our tenants are both in the service and hospitality industry. This... View more
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Purchase property somewhere
Hello everyone. I would like to know where I can buy a house for $40-50k and rent around $600.Any thoughts?
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Looking to network with investors in Kissimee Florida.
Out of state investor looking to network with investors familiar with the Kissimee Florida market.
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How are you guys finding deals with such a lack of inventory?
Hey everyone, I'm an OOS investor, I currently own 3 SFH's in the Indianapolis area, I am trying to start buying multi family at the moment, specifically a duplex or four plex. At the moment there seems to be minimal... View more
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Connecticut Housing Market Data?
Hi everyone,I am looking for updated market and economic data for Connecticut, at the town/city data level. From looking at commonly mentioned sources (city-data, usa.com, etc), I am only able to find data as recent as... View more
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Magog - Why is real estate so expensive in the area??
Does anyone know why the area of Magog in the Easter Townships of Quebec is so expensive compared to other small towns outside of Montreal?Wonder if it has to do with proximity to the US border or maybe with Lake... View more
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What’s going on with mortgage rates?
Should People Wait for Lower Mortgage Interest Rates?Historically low mortgage rates are a big motivator for homebuyers right now. In 2020 alone, rates hit new record-lows 16 times, and the trend continued into the... View more
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Ridgecrest, CA. Property Managers
Hi BP,Anyone run SFR and small-multis in Ridgecrest with local property managers ? It looks like the town is large enough to have local labor for every major system. I'm surprised the local PMs don't seem to be bp... View more
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Has anyone had experience buying/selling in Downtown Salisbury?
What are your experiences with how recent revitalization efforts have changed the residential market? Will increased SU housing soften the rental market in Camden?
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Best areas for rental properties in Toledo Ohio?
Hello investors! Good areas (safe neighborhoods) in Toledo Ohio.
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Eviction in Michigan?
We have a Month to Month tennant that hasn’t paid on time in almost a year and She is very behind on utility payments...can we evict her during this pandemic. We gave her a 30 day notice multiple times but she finds... View more
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where should i invest in real estate?
Hi, please i am new to real estate investing and bigger pockets, I have watched a lot of the podcasts and read many books on rentals and i'm really interested in buying rental properties (could be single family or... View more
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Your first house hack!
To the investors that have done or are doing house hacking out there....If you could could go back in time and do your first house hack house differently, what would you have done differently? Any thoughts or idea for... View more
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Wholesale Real Estate and Airbnb Arbitrage
I am currently new with wholesaling real estate and want to meet new people to help each other grow and succeed. I am also interested in Airbnb arbitrage as well if it’s something that interests you. I live in Los... View more
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What’s the market gonna look like with the new president?
I grew up in the manufacturing industry with my dad owning a big mold polishing shop. When trump got elected we seen a huge uprising in the industry we hired another 20-30 guys and were able to grow a lot bigger with... View more
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Zillow for actual home prices
So my I browse a lot on Zillow and always see some ridiculous prices but then other prices very good. But I was just wondering about the zestimate and what they think the homes price should be are these accurate in any... View more
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Interested in Air BNB Co hosting
I have come across Air BNB cohosting and was wondering if anyone was up to allowing me to co host their Air BNB, I can offer 1 month free as I want to gain some more experience into this but if you are happy with the... View more
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