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Special Curator's Note

With Issue 50, which will publish on May 30, I will be stepping down as curator of the CSAE BoardREADY Newsletter. For nearly two years, I have approached the preparation of each issue with one fundamental question in mind: what do association and non-profit boards need to consider to strengthen their performance? If you felt the featured content stretched beyond the boundaries of the association/non-profit sector, raised uncomfortable questions or challenged your assumptions, that's a good thing. It was an intentional choice, and one I encourage you to keep making as you strive to grow as an association/non-profit chief staff executive, staff professional or board director.

The CSAE BoardREADY Newsletter will be on summer hiatus as the CSAE staff prepare to take it in new directions. Look for an update on those new directions in September 2017. In the meantime, if you have questions, please email Stewart Laszlo.

It has been a true privilege to curate 50 issues of this newsletter. My sincere thanks to CSAE for this opportunity, and to all subscribers and readers for your support.

Jeff De Cagna, Executive Advisor, Foresight First LLC

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